Ms. Paymer's Code Defenders

In celebration of Ms. Paymer's 18 years of service at Campo, you are invited to play Ms. Paymer's Code Defenders! Pick from 7 different levels and blast those bugs! Please read the instructions before playing as they explain a lot. Instructions are not included in the game itself.

How does this game work?

This game is basically Space Invaders (with powerups) - shoot at the aliens, and don't let them shoot you! If you touch an alien, it's an instant game over!


  • WASD/arrow keys to move
  • Space/click to shoot


Powerups drop randomly when you destroy an alien.

  • For loop - shoot 3 bullets at once
  • Array - destroy the alien you hit, plus the alien to the left, right, and above
  •  OOP - shoot once to fire a parent bullet. Shoot again to split the parent bullet into 3 children bullets.
  •   Recursion - spawns 3 protective stacks you can hide behind. Alien bullets will chip away at the stacks, but your bullets won't do anything to them. However, your bullets also cannot pass through the stacks.
  •  TA - spawns 2 helper ships that will move back and forth and fire automatically.  They only have 2 lives, but will be destroyed instantly if they touch an alien.
  • Pumpkin - extra life

Other notes

  • CompSci level is recommended to start out.
  • If you run into a bug, please leave a comment with as much info as you can (what happens, how to reproduce bug)


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